About Us

Spotivity is currently under construction, renovation and re-branding. At this time, the direction of the site may change in a short few months. As we explore more innovative writing styles to attract your restless eyes and thirst for written art.

This website was initial an open journal with short stories told from the author’s perspective. For the next few months, short stories and possible heart captivating material will be posted every Friday, on a bi-weekly basis.

However, the author is currently studying Marketing and is interested in finding ways to help small businesses grow. The current method cannot be shared at this time to avoid the ‘evil ones’ from devouring his ideas.

This About Us page will continue to be updated throughout the transition. We cannot wait to release the re-branding of Spotivity to you, that may also receive a name change. We are also ecstatic to have you here with us. Please follow us to be the first to see us break through our cocoon and become a beautiful, light lusting moth.

Welcome to Spotivity

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