First Blog

*Sips Tea: Literally* Hey readers, how are you doing? Fine. Me too, actually I am swell just wasted $4.60 on tea and a cookie to write this beautiful blog. Yeah it will probably have quite a few blemishes, but so does a teenage girl applying make-up for the first time. I mean how difficult is it to contour your face or apply lipstick? Does not sound difficult to me. Or maybe like a young business man, trying to find the perfect professional tie but completely forgetting Mickey Mouse does not belong in an office environment.

*Sips Tea: Not Figuratively Speaking* Okay this blog is probably going to jump from one place to another, but I am only testing the waters of being a blogger and actually rushing it. I kind of procrastinated maybe for a few years now with writing in general and depressingly only watching my friends fulfill their dreams. Yeah it sucks sitting on the sidelines, it is not that interesting as actually getting to play the game to help the team win. In my case, its disappointing to see all these up and coming bloggers, whiles I sit down dwelling on these great ideas.

*Sips Tea: For Realz (Improper spelling for all Grammar Police) Why blogging? You may or may not ask. For starters, I do not see myself equipped with talent. I wasted my teen years playing Pokemon, assuming too much and dreaming all day long with no ambition to make those dreams come true. Kind of a shame really, or pathetic self-pity -shrugs shoulders- Next, I think I love writing, I got a C’s and D’s in English classes back in high school. Furthermore, I always started ideas for novels and never made it past the outline. Therefore, blogging it is, despite I now struggle with a theme to write on to attract readers. Lastly, I am afraid to write pathetic blogs and for people laugh at me, and not with me. That makes me sad -insert frowning face emoji- Well, screw all of that and blogging is the direction  I will go in, humph.

*Chugs Tea: Because I can and it’s getting cold* Hopefully the business firms I apply to in the future don’t see me as a professional procrastinator with a knack to write it down. And hopefully my friends do not see me as a confused child, looking for attention. Screw that too though. “Me don’t care.”

*Finishes First Cup of Tea Like A Glutton* This was my first blog, despite my rush to finish it, I see it as a masterpiece; a trail and error ready for the public eye. This is an inspiration to all my fellow procrastinators, you can do it cause I just did. I am the President of Procrastination, call me Pres. P or just… PP. I write this to tell everyone with low ambition and low self-esteem, that you can be whatever you want to be cause I said so. Do not take my word for it though. Lastly, to all my curious readers, this is the start to an epic blog webpage remember I told you that. Unless procrastination stops me in my tracks. It will not though, but that is debatable.

Okay should I publicly post this, this foolish vocalization of my weary thoughts?

Welcome To Spotivity

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