What is this success I speak of?


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In this century, there are many different ways to define success. All of them holds true to some extent, but there is one that holds more firm than the rest. Before I discuss this form of success that can apply to everyone, let us see the dictionary version to success. “Success: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” Therefore, success can have different meanings for individuals, whether it be education, business or wealth. Furthermore, this motivates individuals to pursue success with totally different perspectives and sometimes at the cost of losing something far more valuable, themselves.

One way people see success is through education, especially post-secondary education because of its scarcity. Research is not needed, to know that many young adults cannot afford to access post-secondary universities or that many qualified applicants do not get accepted into universities. Because of this post-secondary education becomes exclusive, thus creating a societal bubble of thought, where people who attend university are more successful than those who do not attend. This makes the pursuit of education seen as an opportunity to be successful in society’s eyes. Which can pose a problem because the wrongful pursuit of education is like a cancerous disease. It can dictate the lives of many, forcing many students into financial debt. On the other hand it can destroy relationships between parent/guardian and student. Parents/guardians may only value certain degrees, which they force the student to take as a major that opposes the student’s creativity. Subsequently education is an illusion that provides false hope and blinds students of their true aspirations.

Success can also be disguised in owning a business, or having a secure profitable job. This can be very detrimental to a person’s personal life. I do not mean to sound like a major pessimistic, but I would just like to point out the problems of viewing success in societal terms. In society, owning a big business or having a secure job is a definite sign of success, regardless if you possess a degree or just a diploma or neither. Honestly, I also judge the success of others based on these standards just like the majority of society. However, this form of success is almost as deadly as the evils of wealth. It can destroy the focus of a person, creating workaholics or prideful human beings. Therefore, destroying relationships, consuming valuable time where memories could be created and absorbing it’s sufferers with regret. Obviously, this form of success is spectacular in other ways. It grants those who manage it wisely with financial freedom, the opportunity to travel or to do things with loved ones without worry. However, in the terms of what people should be searching for in success, this can be viewed as flawed.

Then we have wealth. A form of success that individuals from different classes who are actively pursuing it can recognize as important. Wealth is needed to enjoy this life to a degree, especially when common commodities are becoming more expensive. This has led to wealth being pursued for reasons as simple accumulating it, or for boastful reasons. The poor and middle class often go into debt to falsely display their wealth, to be approved by society for what they have. The upper class sometimes struggle with keeping their wealth and without careful management, they can easily lose it or allow money to control them and their lives. People may see wealth as one of the ultimate forms of success, but sadly it can also be the exact opposite.

The forms of success above are not to be seen as negative, I just decided to write about the negative sides I understand them to be. However, success does not have to be materialistic, does not need to be a degree, a business or a form of wealth. The fact is many people in the world will be missing one of these statuses, but does that mean they do not have success? I don’t think that is true. Can’t be. Indeed there is a form of success everyone can possibly acquire, which is simply self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance of your own fate or destiny can get you off to a great start. You need to understand that your life can literally suck and the only way you can change that is by having an optimistic mindset. Obviously there will be someone out there who is smarter, stronger and better than you. Does that mean you should just give-up on life, accepting your fate and becoming complacent? Or should you accept your fate and seek ways to improve your life? To be fairly honest, it’s all up to you. However, despite life’s choices, I think you should go with the latter of the two.

Self-acceptance will be the most beneficial form of success anybody could ever acquire. For me, it was accepting what I believed in. That being my faith, building a relationship with God and his son, my proclaimed Christ. It could be totally different for you because you may not have a particular belief, but you could accept who you are. In conclusion, to that statement, stop listening to the outside noise and worrying about what people think of you. More than likely you are already an amazing person and don’t need to hear that from a stranger who only checks in with you to gossip and sip tea.

Self-acceptance it is probably the most valuable form of success you can achieve in this life. It is the only one that will allow you to peacefully chill on your death bed without regret. Now hear me out, Education is important and I am currently pursuing it myself. However, when you’re dying I indeed doubt you will be counting your accolades; I mean the grim reaper doesn’t care how smart you are either. Than you got your business which will dedicate a tribute for you if you do in fact die on your death bed, they will remember how much you profited them and within a few days you will be a dismissed thought that appears once a year (maybe). Lastly wealth, well if you have a lot of that, your inheritors are going to be praying an malicious prayer for you. With a little bit of faith and luck, you will die within a few months from their desired heartfelt prayers and they could finally buy a pink Lamborghini. When that pink Lambo leaves the dealership, I will assure you they will be going 0-100 and their ‘will’ is going to be signed by their children real quick. These forms of success aren’t really so lucrative when the worst case scenario is in motion, but with self-acceptance you will die a happy camper.

If you have all these forms of success then I am extremely happy for you and I will definitely be inspired to acquire the same. However, do not aim for one or two of these successes alone without having self-acceptance and if you seriously cannot see yourself gaining any of these successes, then aim for self-acceptance. Having self-acceptance will give you ease to at least enjoy life a little bit more despite having less. Heck with all the crap in this world, maybe you can die peacefully. In the meantime I will be praying I die peacefully too. What a human charm death is; anyways let me not break topic or go off sounding crazy, enjoy life to the fullest with a little bit of self-acceptance.

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