Running Towards Success!

successful running (Images from Google)

Running and success has a few commonalities, but they share one thing in common, that is you have to be persistent to reach the end goal. Yes, I am saying running and the pursuit of success can be viewed through the same window in perspective. Now this is not something new, someone has said something similar before. However, I will break it down by the way I see it. “Get ready to sit back and sip some tea.”

Before I start my run I usually warm up, for you it may be the same or something different. Regardless of how you start your run, we all have to prepare ourselves mentally before starting. It is the same for success where you have to start thinking of your goals before chasing them. Getting mentally prepared also helps with acknowledging that challenges are up ahead and enduring through those challenges is the best option. For example, running with cramps in your side or being able to present at your meeting despite the projector being broken, which prevents you from using your PowerPoint slides. Those options are better than just calling it quits and if you call quits, you will not complete the run or your colleagues won’t know the ideas you can potentially bring to the table.

Here is another comparison between an exercise and a purposeful aim. You’re running with powerful strides, either your body or business, but you unexpectedly start thinking of the doubts of successfully reaching the end goal. Suddenly, the run seems to have went longer than expected, you are getting tired and becoming mentally exhausted. You now contemplate three options, quit, slow down (especially if you were exerting too much energy) or to persist through the difficulties of keeping pace. Whichever decision you make effects your end result and that helps determine if you will continually improve or not.


It’s your determination that matters. It is possible to run consecutively for weeks and then completely quit. In comparison, you could just go cold, skip five weeks of running then start back up later, which I honestly find myself doing too often. This can apply to success as well, in a form of a restaurant. Disclaimer, I never owned a restaurant, however I feel as though this will be a good analogy. A restaurant owner could be very satisfied with their business and have a steady clientele base. Then they pour in excess energy and expect their business to improve and grow exceptionally in a short term. A year later their goals falls short of their expectations, which causes them to fizzle out, lose interest or go cold. Therefore, making the passionate business owner temporally see their dream business as working job.

Lastly, when I usually near the finish line, I do a last minute sprint no matter how exhausted I am. The same principle can apply to the pursuit of success, not to overexert yourself of course. However, when you near your goal give it all you have got and the results will be amazing.

In conclusion, running and success can be viewed through the same window in perspective. They both require self-motivation, persistence despite doubts and a good analogy. -haha, laughing at my own jokes- Remember it’s your passion not a job, it’s your passion that drives you to lose a few calories or to sell delicious food. In addition, keep in mind that no matter how driven you are to get to the end goal, if you don’t endure and quiet your own doubts; you won’t make it across that finish line.

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