New Year’s Resolutions

Dear boys and girls, teen-dweebs, men and woman, lads and ladies, and lastly our very wise old folks; welcome. Here at Spotivity, all are welcome to read these amazing and refreshing posts.

Happy New Year 2018
A New Year Welcome to 2018

It is finally NEW YEAR’S EVE! (Woo woo, collective cheers) And the famous cliches have already arrived around the corner and has taken charge of Facebook, such as “New Year, New Me.” This is the time where people will share to social media, their friends and family, the goals they plan to set for the New Year. Such as, losing fifteen pounds, saving their money more frugally, entering cuffing season (the term used to find that wife or husband they could have looked for this year), or how they plan to get rid of fake friends.

I will be honest, I have been a victim of the New Year Resolution syndrome (yes it is a syndrome and no I do not have a doctorate degree). And I got caught up in the act. The new year is rolling in and the first thing my parents are checking for is our New Year’s Resolutions. “You all wrote your resolutions down, right?” A common question asked as my parents believe writing things down will help our goals transpire. And truthfully there may be some truth to it, as organize people write down the activities and tasks they plan to execute for the day, week or month.

However, it should not be a practice or a commonality to wait until the end of the year to make changes to your life. Why wait until the end of the year to commit to the gym for only for a few short weeks to lose that festive weight. Do you not want to exercise year round to remain a healthy individual? Could you not save throughout the year and forsake the spending of money on miscellaneous things. But, this one blows even me away. Why would you continue a friendship you know is toxic for a whole year or years and just abruptly decide to end it? Is that how smokers feel, they know that cigarettes are bad for them, but refuse to give up the dependency on them just so they can relieve some stress.

Are you folks ready for some irony? Do you want to catch a hypocrite in the act? Well, here you go, this one is a complete freebie. However, not entirely. Spotivity, was started sometime in 2016 and with five blogs posted, two were deleted. Yet, I refuse to let Spotivity to die and refuse to enter 2018 without any strong commitment. Therefore, Spotivity is going to be more active than ever, in hopes to establish itself as an element in the bloggers world. Now this was not intentionally a New Year’s Resolution and I still do not entirely see it as one. However, I did wait until endless procrastination and the end of the year to revive the heart and soul of Spotivity.

In conclusion, New Year’s Resolutions should not be the way us h-u-m-a-n-s make decisions and changes in our lives. It should be an everyday thing. And Spotivity, will seek to improve every single day, until it is something to be proud of. Weather it has five or five million followers, Spotivity will be a place where you can rest assure you will find a neat spot to view creative masterpieces.

This is Spotivity

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