Writing Prompt #1

Dear boys and girls. This is a writing prompt topic from Reddit. Spotivity will be giving a few of these a try throughout the year of 2018.

A super hero fights evil by wiping memories of both the villian and everyone who knew of them so that they can be reintroduced into society safely. Today, as you were combing through old newspapers, you discover that you were once the world’s most powerful supervillain

Samson was running late for the airport, he needed to take a vacation. After-all, it was the holiday season and all of his co-workers at the factory had families to spend the holidays with, except him. He quickly grabbed a few of the newspapers that had been left on his coffee table, after one of his co-workers he had apprently found his doppelganger in one of the newspapers.

Samson quickly ordered an Uber, as he grabbed his suitcases and bit the last of his toast. When the Uber arrived he threw everything in and yells to the driver,”I need to get to the airport in thirty minutes.”

“Alright Mr. Samson, but this is an Uberpool and I may have an addi….”

“Do not stop for a soul, I will give you a good tip if you just heed my instructions and get me to the airport, I can not bear to miss the last flight to Australia!” He says through gritted teeth.

With that the Uber driver reluctant to oblige and drove off a bit more aggressive, as the man in his backseat resembles a villainous man he read about in an old newspaper he found several weeks ago.

Samson skimmed through the first newspaper, after not seeing anything interesting he tossed it to the side. Then, he picked up the second one and that too was a bore of a read. The last newspaper he picked up contained the headlines ‘Truly earth’s worst menace has been stopped.’ Below it was a picture of a well-built man, with a devilish body armor and a staff. Samson thought to himself, that the guy did resemble him, but weirder was the staff. The middle piece looked exactly like the handle to his uniquely small umbrella.

There was no name given to the man in the newspaper, but Samson decided to toy around with the umbrella. It only took him a few moments to realize that the handle piece of the umbrella was lined and could be rotated in different sections. But, then the handle began to glow and umbrella was sucked into the handle like staff, now elongated it pierced both doors of the backseat of the car.

“What are you doing in the back there,” the driver says startled as he heard the noise before he noticed the glow now in the man’s eyes.

“Let’s see what this does,” and with a twist the staff shrunk to a smaller size, able to fit into the car, but began to glow blue. Like an invisible seismic force every car and building outside of the Uber’s car began to shake violently, buildings crumbling like tin cans , as people screamed in their cars with confusion and fear.

“What have I done?” Samson says shaken, twisting the staff again now into a pink glow. A tear rolls down is eye, now looking towards the driver in slight confusion of the staffs odd features.

“What have you…” the driver begins to say only to stop abruptly. With almost a robotic tone he stares at Samson, “Where would you like to go Master?”

This is Spotivity

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