Outside the Window

When I was younger, I always would pull the blinds back and look to see who was there. What was there. And why was my dog outside on the front lawn with fifteen stray dogs, rather than behind the gates where he was supposed to be.

A forest viewed from behind a window

I looked out of the windows, because I always had to know what was going on, even if I possessed no control. ‘When will my parents be home?’ Would be one of the main reasons I decided to steal a gaze behind the blinds. Why? Because I was passively completing my homework and I was distinctively playing my Pokemon game to train my Charizard. Or hacking away at the keyboard (still not focused on homework) building my monstrous army on Age of Empires.

I peaked behind the blinds, because the eye of the hurricane hovered over my home. And for a moment there was peace. Until, the vicious gale winds struck back, lashing against the vile creations of mankind as it tried to bend and mend the branches of the pine trees on the other side.

I thoughtfully looked pass the clear glass, as I looked out towards the beauty of the garden my parents created with hard work and good soil. The coconut trees standing strong by the edge of the street. The Sugar canes standing under two beautiful trees that I no longer know the names of. But, there yellow flowers a reminder of natures beauty. And the mango tree, in the back. Barren for years, until at the very last chapter it bared sweet fruit.

When I grew older, I embarked on a journey to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The first view I had was just of a football field. A field I would not visit for another two years for a college game. I viewed a busy gas station from a window that was blind-less and only full of sight. Whenever the stresses of school got to me, I would pierce my eyes at the people below (full stalker mode, laugh out loud) and watch them journey on. I would smile to the thought of their soul-filled bodies, embarking on their own journeys. As they strode out of view, I could only imagine the stories they carried along with them.

I sat on the fifth floor of the public library on Spring Garden Road. I would soak in the absolute beauty of this city, a city I love and now very much miss. The sights of the cranes, swaying in the air, as they construct new buildings in this amazing city. I would look down at all the silly Haligonian drivers, who could not park if it was to save their lives. Ah. What an hilarious sight to beheld, every single time.

I stared out of a window of my friends’ apartment, as it would be my last week in a city I very much consider home. I looked through their basement window, as I awaited a costumer to buy my television, because I was all packed up and ready to say my heartfelt goodbye to my favorite city.

And although, I will always have a window to look through, I would love to look through many more. I would love to stare out the window of a hotel in Australia and stare down at each of its cities’ beauty. To soak in every little detail of each city, without blinking an eye. To visit its prestigious Opera house, wheather I stand outside, or go in to witness a masterpiece.

I would love to visit Japan and walk its mesmerizing, and busy streets, to tour France and take a train to see Britain’s astounding beauty. To sip quality tea, as I stride down the beautiful streets of London.

But, what I really want to see outside the window, is people helping people. The less fortunate being taken care of, widows and orphans being loved. I would love to see the love of the church be genuine and Christians standing strong for one another. I would love to see less negativity in the news and more positive vibes being spread.

Truly all this is worthy enough for me to step to the window and look outside.

This is Spotivity

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