The Vessel WP #3

What is it to Travel

To me travel is an escape. It is an adventure. It is a risk worth taking. From the very first time I left the Islands to vacation in Florida, it was just something about being in a different place that stole my attention. I absolutely love the concept of travelling.

Down Memory Lane

The road-trips, the chance to drive from Florida to Boston, Massachusetts was just amazing. I wish I was not so young at the time, so that I could remember more of, well everything. There are still songs I remember to this day that we constantly played on the road; the one particular song that always comes to mind is Gwen Stefani’s song, Hollaback.

Although, I have not crossed the Atlantic or Pacific ocean as of yet, I was privileged enough to venture to the East Coast of Canada. And, honestly I can not wait to embark on a new journey.

Well, at the moment I do not have the necessary funds to embark on a new journey. And, I wish that was not my problem, because I would like to venture around the world and experience new places, and embrace different cultures. Except if I have to eat anything that is not typically served on a hot plate here on the western side of the world. I do not think I can down a gourmet dish of rodent chops.

But I am Embarking on a Different Kind of Journey: Blogging

Well since I will not be travelling today, I guess I can share the kind of adventure I would enjoy and what kind of vessel I would take to get there. A train. Yes, a train. I have been thinking of the type of vessel for the longest and to be honest what better way to travel across hundreds of miles than a train. It would give me the opportunity to see the Americas or Europe or even Asia pass by as I casually blog and make new friends with fellow travelers.

There can be so much comfort on a train, the fact that you can sleep on them and they are not bothered by traffic or turbulence is great. Because we all know that those two things can be frustrating and scary respectively.


One day I will get the opportunity to travel the world. For now I can only write about such travels from behind a keyboard and onto my blog.

This is Spotivity 

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