Wishful Thinking WP #4

It is Finally 2018 Folks

It is 2018, and that means 2017 has finally come to an end. 2017 was an absolutely crazy year for me. I had many ups and much more terrifying falls. However, like the rest of society, I will be treating the new year as if a new journey has began. And here is to my insight for wishful thinking this new year, new journey.

Intro to Why I Want to Wishfully Think This New Year

Last year was just a tragedy in itself. The worst being, leaving Canada for another daunting unknown length of time, and putting yet another pause on my studies. And owing yet, another large some of money. Now there are other reasons why, but even an open book like myself has to keep some pages confidential.

Anyways, long story short, I had many plans the beginning of last year. My goal was quite simple, whip myself into shape and actually focus on the future. Sadly, like every other year, I forsake my goals and stress on the temporary problems. Oh trust me, I hate when I do that, and trust me that is the first on the list to be worked on this wishful year.

Wishful Thinking

Okay so here is what I knew you folks were all waiting for. What exactly will I be wishful for this year?

Well folks, firstly I just want to be wishful that I change my mindset from a negative one to one more positive. I always defeat myself, and I let others opinions or expectations of me run my life. Well, not this year, not these mind games because the game is over. I want to be able to pursue the dreams I set before myself. And not just dream those dreams, but actually work on them. For years, I pranced up and down my room, like a crazy person (shhh do not judge me), thinking and dreaming of the perfect life I could have. However, I just struggle to actually invest in myself, and treat myself as if I have already failed.

Secondly, I think wishfully, that I will mature and continue to mature this year. At this moment, I am living at home again. It’s not too bad, there’s food on the table instead of college pasta, I have room that is not infested with apartment bed bugs and I finally bought a bicycle (goals right). However, I want to be moved out and taking care of myself at the end of this year. I just do no not like the fact of being financially dependent on my parents, when I can be taking care of myself, and wishfully in the future, taking care of them.

Thirdly, I want to be focused and committed to my plans this year. Wishfully, I can continue to push myself to become a blogger and a great one at that. I want to write upwards of forty writing prompts by February. You know gain that experience, ‘XP,’ and level up. I would also like to produce content that you can enjoy and get some research done, so that I can expand not only my mind, but your gorgeous mind as well.

Sydney's Opera House
Sydney’s Opera House

Lastly, I want to travel, not just a vacation, but an experience. I want to backpack, Europe, visit Japan, China and most importantly go ‘down under’ in Australia (if any Australian is reading this and wants to donate me a ticket, so I can see your beautiful country, I will not say no to your offer). I can be wishful, right, I mean that’s the purpose of this post. Additionally, I am just plainly inspired by¬†Erin Chack of Buzzfeed, who got famous in Malta. Duh.


Honestly, I just want to change the writing prompt topic, from wishful to willful. I do not just want to wish these things into existence, but I want to will them to life. This is not just a new year, with a new date, reminding us that we are one day closer to impending doom and death. No, this is a beautiful reminder that New Years, bring new hopes and dreams and even though resolutions are a little foolish, I am looking forward to this New Year, new journey of wishful and willful thinking.


If you made it thus far, even if you skimmed through to get here, thank you. Please like the post, follow my blog and/or even comment and tell me what I can improve on or what was good about it. I would really appreciate the support and love. Because…

This is Spotivity

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