Coffee and Tea

You ever need a pick me upper? Or how about a drink that can cure that can remedy your sick days. Coffee and tea have been essential beverages too many households for ages. Truly standing the test of time.

I loved coffee and for the longest time, I had preferred it’s taste over tea. I would always drown my coffee, not with water, but with cream and sugars. I pour no less than four packets of sugar into my coffee. And sometimes I mix it with honey, if I am feeling dangerously adventurous. In addition, I make sure my cream gives the coffee a light tan-ish color. However, if I am buying from Tim Hortons, I just use the popular phrase, “I want a double double, please.” Emphasize on “please,” since its polite to mind your manners while in a Canadian establishment.

Tea. Always hated the drink. Everyone was drinking it, and I felt as though people were dismissing the awesome energy burst that coffee often provides. My family had always loved tea and I could not grasp why they loved it so much. I just wanted everyone to love coffee, and I felt tea drinkers were trying to overshadow coffee.

I know it is a ‘bit’ of an overreaction to think people are loving tea more than coffee. Clearly, there is a coffee addiction epidemic, and tea got nothing on that. Coffee, score 1.

However, when I made friends abroad, they always made it a point to ask, “would you like some tea.” It was as if the tea army had risen, and it was throwing everything at me for all the years I had forsaken it.

And, let me tell you, the tea got to me. After, being constantly persuaded and forced into having a cup of tea, I started to buy into it myself. Bitter tea, herbal tea, sweet tea, chai tea latte, orange peko, Nova Scotia Blueberry tea, london fog, and many specialty teas. They are all just so good.

I could drink tea without cream or sugar, but I could never do that with coffee. I have been drinking coffee since I was born. Yet, I have tried more tea options in just about two years than I ever had tried with coffee.

Mind you, I still love coffee, but I no longer know why I held a grudge against tea. Although tea can calm, and soothe a person, it does not provide that warmth that coffee so richly provides (coffee just goes down different, I can not explain it). And tea can be freaking hot, it can take all of eternity to cool down.

So, where do I stand exactly? Coffee obviously. I love tea, and honestly I love making a cup of it early in the morning. However, my all time favorite hot beverage is not the chai latte, but the Dirty Chai Latte, love that double shot of espresso baby. I really do not have a favorite tea option, but all tea is great in my eyes.

In conclusion, coffee and tea will continue to be in our households for ages. They both are great options. I can not wait to venture to new cafes in the future to try out new coffee and tea flavors. Thank you for reading.

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