Uno WP#6

The numeral one in Spanish is ‘uno.’ However, I do not understand Spanish, because I am an ignorant English speaker who does not value the need of a second language (I really want a second language though). So, I will not be speaking about Spanish, no the uno I am referring to is the famous card game Uno.

Now, I usually get my writing prompts from this link here, but tonight I decided to ask my friends for a topic. And Uno was the chosen topic, so let us take this journey together on this writing prompt adventure.

To be honest, Uno is a less divisive game compared to monopoly, but that does not mean it should be taken so lightly. One minute you can be sitting next to your friends, each holding seven cards. Then, the next minute, you can be throwing your friendship outside the window, battling each other with words. Each player, trying to lean on their household rules for their own benefit.

So we were playing and instantly things were heating up. “Can we stack draw twos on draw fours?” One of my friends asked, just before we started the game. Then the match got started and people quickly forgot the rules we had set.

You would think people have a short attention span when playing Uno, as everyone decides which rules to standby or disregard. After, the game rules have been set from the start. Thankfully, Uno dos not destroy relationships the way Monopoly does. And, Uno was distinctively made for children to understand, and for adults to act as children again.

This is Spotivity

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