Do not let today slip by without giving it your all. Each one of us live day by day, we all experience 365 days in a year if we are graced enough to live through it. However, many of us get caught up in our daily lives and allow that to depict our responses to that day. Whether it be depression, anger, hatred, love, understanding or appreciation.

At the end of the day we all go through the same things. Many of us in anguish, we could have lost a family member, a close friend, a child. Some of us could be facing unemployment, low income that can not provide for ourselves or love ones. Then, there are those who just got engaged, ready to marry the love of their lives. Those who just got a breakthrough, a new born baby, or a second chance at life. What ever it may be, we all live day by day.

Be cheerful and hopeful. I know some issues, such as mental health could not be healed with simple layer of a smile. However, if we want our days to go by with more smiles and less frowns, we have to make an effort. Just know that today’s problems are temporary. Even though at times it may seem to last a fraction longer, it can not last forever. Furthermore, appreciate the fact that you are alive, breathing in sweet O2, commonly known as ‘Oxygen’. Lastly, look forward to the future. Do not get trapped in thinking about the past or worry yourself about today. After-all, tomorrow will eventually get better.

Be generous, it is no secret that the act of giving can give us a more humane characteristic. We can be so worried about today and the troubles we face. We can forget that there are people going through the same kind of sufferings as us. That is why we should give, our time, our money or simply our love to others. Yes, it can be hard at times especially, if you are busy, low on funds or find it hard to love people. However, when you give, it makes you feel as though you are making a difference, and ultimately we all want to affect the world around us; I just hope you want to affect the world for the better not the worst.

Be thankful and grateful, it will put you in a better mood. If you are depress or feel angry, just be thankful today. It can really put a smile on your face when you appreciate the day ahead of you. The act of appreciation makes you realize that you have a lot to be grateful for. For starters, you woke up this morning so be thankful for that. In addition, you may have saved an ugly duckling’s life, might of made a baby laugh from your sense of humor, or you may have given a cup of coffee and food to a person who can not financially afford to take care of themselves.

Look forward to the days ahead, because why not. Everyday is going to be different, and today you may be facing a problem that will not exist tomorrow. For example, when I was in high school I was teased for my big eyes, big nose and awkward ears. Well, when I went to university, I had to bring it up that one of my ears were different for people to even notice. Therefore, even though high school lasted four years and I realized kids can be mean, I am now living blissful years of people not always commenting on my looks. Because one thing that sucked was going in the mirror and trying to make my nose small. Now I just go in the mirror and be like, “I look average, lit (urban slang for good).” Feels lit to be average, average looks, average height, and being an average human being.

P.S. Tomorrow will gradually improve for me. I have a baby face so when I am forty years old I will look handsome and young. Taller people can not get through all doors made for the average man, and I am blogging my life to an above average audience (Yeah that is you).

This is Spotivity

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Beautifully written- loved all the points.
    I guess sometimes to be happy and satisfied you have to focus on the smallest thing because they make the biggest differences.


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