The Honest Prof

“Good morning, freshmen.” The Professor pivoted on her feet as she peered into the souls of the nervous critters seated before her.

“This is Literature 1206, and you will most certainly fail this class.” She said with a sly smirk on her face.

Isabella sat front row, as she wanted to lessen her distractions from her classmates. However, as she looked into the eyes of the Prof, she could only see her fear staring back at her. She coughed; “Sorry, Professor, how could you predict the failure of your class? I can not afford to fail.”

The professor made a witch like chuckle as she moved towards Isabella. “Well, class you will most certainly fail this course if you do the following.” She took a deep breath and continued. “Text or surf the net during class, distract other students, make the not so wise decision to turn up on a Tuesday, when one of my ten page essays due that Wednesday. Do not procrastinate and do not cheat!”

Daniel shoot the professor a joking glare and laughed. He had failed the course last semester and was just making up his extracurricular credits. He was a bit of a class clown. “So Prof, you want us to be a stickler of boredom?” “I came to college to p-a-r-t-t-t-t-y, not write your boring essays.”

“Well Daniel, the moment you stop pretending to be dumb and take this Literature class seriously, will be the moment you can go out and party.” She said flatly, with a stern look on her face.

“Class, I am Professor Nina and I can be a bit Candid.” “If you do not understand that word, or can not understand the way I choose to teach my class, the door is on your left and another one to your right.”

And that is how Professor Nina starts each, and every heart warming semester.

This is Spotivity 

via Daily Prompt: Candid

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