Five Years from Now

I rarely ask myself the question, ‘Where will I be in five years.’ Usually I get caught up worrying about the day ahead and the things that are completely out my control. So, this should be a nice, short and sweet blog.

I want to be a Part-time blogger, or full-time. I enjoy blogging, because I get to exercise my creative mind that is often locked away in my daydreams. It is a platform to express myself, and allows me to be a bit more artistic. I already can not sing, or play an instrument, so without this I would almost be talent-less.

I want to have traveled the world, within that five year span. Ideally, I would like to pack my bags, and go anywhere the wind takes me. Personally, there are many reasons why I want to travel right now; I want to encourage my sister churches and meet their congregations, I want to escape and see the world, I want to embrace different cultures, and most importantly I want to side step out of my comfy box.

I want to have a career. Between travelling and blogging, I want to find a organization I can give my youthful years to. I know a lot of people want to be there own boss, and get rich. But I just want to be caught up in rush hour traffic, eating leftover pizza on my way to work. I mean my mind tricks me into thinking I am lonely once I am by myself for extended periods. I might as well spend time with a work family, then I could add that to my ‘family-family,’ ‘church family,’ and my ‘future family.’

I want to grow with God. I want to become a more spiritual person, and trust in Christ. Honestly, believing in God is part of my life. There are numerous religions and ideologies out there, and I even owned a Quran once. I looked into being a non-believer, and it does not suite me. I want to hold onto hope that Jesus Christ died for an imperfect people, and he will return to unite us to a perfect God. I mean your cup of tea might be different, but I prefer mines sprinkled with a little bit of Jesus juice.

I want to be married. There a lot of single people out there who are just as afraid as me. We are going to die alone (oh the horror). That does not help that I am afraid of love, and the fact I am so vulnerable when I love. But, I want to love. I want to find a God-fearing woman who will motivate me to a higher standard and tell me ‘women are always right,’ so I can tell her she is so wrong. Ideally, I would love to get married before I see myself five years in the future, but a day late won’t kill me I guess. Nonetheless, I would love to start my own family and tell my child they can not be anything in the world, but a blogger. (Joking, just joking, or am I? #cheesy)

Thank you for taking your precious time to read my blog. Visit Spotivity every blue moon just to show some love you know. Anyways, until next time…

This is Spotivity



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