Memory Lane

Dear ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my ninth writing prompt. Please buckle up, because I am about to take you on an adventure down ‘Memory Lane.’

If you were to ask me in real life what memory lane looks like to me, I would tell you , that I have no clue. I usually tell myself that I do not remember much, but in astonishment I do. It is difficult for me to remember small casual conversations, but I can recall emotions and feelings I have felt.

In 2015 I decided to head back to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada after taking a year and six month break from university. I did not intend to return to my studies right away, but a planned three week vacation to the Atlantic playground, became a two year stay. And it was the best decision of my life.

There was ample change since my last stay in Halifax, where my life was stuck behind the prison walls of a dorm room. I did not get to truly appreciate the beauty of Canada during my first stay in 2014 where I lived on campus and visited a small town call Pugwash for a week. However, it all changed when I returned to this mammoth size country I would joyfully consider home.

I went on adventures, and saw the beauty of Canada. I returned to University to try my luck again with my studies (but at this point, college just might not be the best fit for me). During my spontaneous two year stay, I was able to see the famous lighthouse of Peggy’s Cove. Standing on the grey rocks which were considered safe for tourist to venture on, I was able to stand in awe as the gorgeous sunset set before me.

Then, I made countless trips to Herring Cove’s provincial park with friends and co-workers to see the power of the sea. I even went in the winter at one point where the snow was falling harshly onto mother earth. I fell on my bum. So did my friend who laughed at me. And so did a girl who was with her bae. Yeah it was just a lot of karma and cold bum buns being served.

I was granted the opportunity to play Pokemon Go in a city that is full of hipsters and nerds. I walked countless hours in the city, on dates and with friends, because walking is an adventure too. I spent money, and blissful moments in cozy coffee shops, where I felt at home. Furthermore, if the tables were any lower my feet may have been off the ground (but I am house trained folks). Oh how I miss the coffee shops in Halifax, Dilly Dally on Quinpool road being my absolutely favorite, sadly they were making me look bougie. (Also, dirty chai latte, is the best way to get dirty).

I went on crazy adventures with some amazing people. My friends and I decided to make a three day trip to Toronto and back to Halifax. The ride is generally seventeen hours one way. We drove there, spent about six hours in Toronto, just to see a conference for MMA. We then, slept for about eight hours and at seven in the morning we were heading back to Halifax.

The trip there was beyond the spectrum of my vivid imagination. The mountains were gorgeous. Quebec was adorable, and my ‘Duck Poutine,’ was amazing. Although my friends were annoyed with me for not getting “authentic poutine” in Quebec.  And wasting an hour out of our trip. However, the time spent bonding with my friends, would make any crazy adventure worth it.

Lastly, I have to say the greatest memory of going back to Halifax, Canada, was growing in a relationship with God. I made a commitment to follow Christ in 2015, and I will never look back. The journey has been amazing and everyday is a challenge, as I try not to be a hypocritical, lying christian. It can get hard at times, because I am human and rebellion along with imperfection is in our nature. But, I made it this far and now I am writing about it, so I know it will only get better. With that being said, if your were to ask me before my return to Halifax, if I was a christian, I would have told you no.

That is my memory lane, and hopefully I can recall those memories with a visit. I truly miss Halifax and natural beauty. Also, the church there, and the people I now consider family. I am always on a new adventure, today I am in Florida and tomorrow I will be back in the Bahamas. However, the next time I take you on a casual ride down my memory lane, it may have a crazy location like, Australia, France, or Brazil. (I can not wait for that day, future world traveler)

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