The Burdens I Carry

Heavy burdens are what I carry,

 Sometimes they feel a little too heavy,

They never said it would be easy,

But foolishly I thought it would be a little different for me,

So when things started to get rougher for me, I started to crumble,

I thought I could carry my burdens alone and so came my tumble,

I fell head first into disgrace,

Into a pit of regret and sorrow,

Despair consumed my existence as I mediated on my mistakes,

I got distracted by my own reflection,

Not seeing my true beauty, just my blemishes,

Now my mind is swarmed with confusion,

Should I be harsh with myself,

Should I always hate myself,

Constantly degrading myself,

I mean I have been doing that for most of my years now,

Feels like a lifetime now,

To push my limits till I explode now,

Or should I be gentle with myself,

Always smiling to myself,

Constantly encouraging myself,

Seems so easy as the latter lines roll from my lips,

But my failure, is using those remedies to strengthen me,

To nurture positivity into me,

I guess that’s the true challenge of this life,

Living to what feels most right,

And occasional failing before the night,

But tomorrow may still shine a light,

If I open my eyes and use my sight,

I may just be able to see the signs of hope,

Even though I feel trapped in my own tunnel,

I can choose to be afraid of the night,

Or walk towards the light.


This is Spotivity


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