The Beauty Within A Smile

This world deceives us almost everyday. I believe one of those deceptions is the standard of beauty. Media sells us on the objectifying of female and male ‘assets.’ Social media markets the beauty of make up or materialistic possession. Lastly, our fellow humans deceive one another, supporting one beauty standard and downgrading the other.

I believe I am also caught up in this deceptive game of beauty. Furthermore, I acknowledge we all have our preferences, or are drawn to different things. And to be clear we are all entitled to our own opinions. However, sometimes our opinions are distasteful.

There are times when we judge someone by their outward appearance and treat them bitterly. Or we can get so fixated on another’s allure, that even with a hideous attitude, we give them better treatment than vice versa.

Let me be clear, I just wanted to rant a little bit on beauty standards. However, I am truly writing on what I consider is the true beauty of not just persons I am attracted to, but human beings in general. I believe true beauty is within a smile.

Trust me I always felt this way, but I just had an epiphany today. Do you not just melt when your love one smiles at you? How about the fact that we try to sell ourselves with a smile during a nervous interview. What about when you are wrongly judging someone, but then you happen to see their smile? It may be crooked, the teeth may be yellow, or food may be stuck in-between a tooth, but for the most part you would drop your guard against them even if it is just for the moment.

Now I am not discussing about smirks, evil grins or sly smiles, because those may be derived from people with toxic intention. I am meaning a genuine and honest smile. The smiles that come from joy, happiness, the reminiscing of a memory, or even the smiles worn on those going through difficult times.

A smile can lighten the mood in a room, break the ice in a conversation between strangers, or make an exceptional impression on someone. Smiling can reveal someone’s hidden beauty, it can be affectionate, or it can display humanity in someone who was not being treated humanely.

Smiles are not prejudice, it can be worn by the ‘beautiful’ or the ‘ugly’, as spoken in societal terms. It can be worn on the depressed, or the energetic optimist. The hidden smile can reveal someone’s inner beauty, it can be worn on the weak or the strong. It can be worn on someone who is judged as dangerous or the person who is favorable.

Smiles are beautiful. They are more valuable than the common perception of beauty. In addition, they make people feel loved or welcomed. It can be used in an array of situations. It is blissful, it is kind, it is heart-warming, it sees no characterful flaws (which we all have). A smile makes an individual rich, not with possessions, but with love, joy, or hope. Let us all respect the beauty within a smile.

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