Travelling Fever

“The World Is A Book, And Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only A Page” – Saint Augustine

I love the idea of traveling, the idea of embarking on a new journey and meeting new people amazes me. The sheer vastness of the world is exciting, the dream would be to view the world in awe before my chapter ends. Therefore, to travel has become imperative. It is something that I want to live out rather than think of.

One single problem I face is not owning a money tree ( I lack that travel money) or the time to pick up and go. For now I can only write about this undying passion and explain why travelling is an important aspect in my life.

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Honestly, I have seen my fair share of the world in comparison to those with less travel opportunities. However, my aspiration is to see as much of the world as I possibly can.

Where did this passion originate from?

My fastest guess is the countless trips to Florida as a child. It sparked my interest in travelling and also the city life. Something I could not experience on my tiny Island of Abaco, Bahamas. Going to the different theme parks and the countless road-trips through the States was exciting. I was able to ride an Elephant in Tennessee, hear a man speaking in a southern accent in the Carolina’s (because I thought that was just a Texas thing), and ride upstate into New York City’s infamous traffic.

My eyes were fixed on a prize, and travelling presented that too me. When I became older I was finally able to expand my horizon to Canada. Instantly, I was blown away. When I first flew into Canada, the airplane windows were icy and cold, from the freezing winter. It was an experience I never had, so I peered out the window and looked down at the world beneath me. It was home, a new home and a place I will never forget.

My first roommate took me far out of the city and into his hometown. However, I was astounded by the beauty of the tree lines as we traveled further away from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada into Pugwash, NS. I saw small town Canadians living their best lives and met miners for the first time in my life. I mean meeting miners is not like a bucket list item, but it was still pretty cool.

Furthermore, the passion was ignited when I took a spontaneous trip with two friends to Toronto. It was a seventeen hour drive, but we literally did it in like two and a half days. The driver decided that he wanted to go to Toronto to see the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather conference. He asked me and my friend Sunday evening if we wanted to go and somehow we all got the time off from work to enjoy one of the most tiring drives of our lives. In summary, we left Tuesday evening after work, got into Toronto Wednesday Afternoon and left Toronto Thursday morning at 7 a.m. Crazy right.

Although my desire to travel was also sourced from a weak mental health episode in early 2017. During one of those times I stood in my apartment, frustrated over tuition fees, exams, conflicts with friends and regret, I tried to find a solution. As a result, I came up with an extreme conclusion. I wanted to pack my bags, leave everything behind, and disappear across the world. However, I had no money to readily make such a rash decision.

With a slow realization, I concluded that my battles were not fixed on circumstances. They were a reflection of my chosen mindset and it would be something I could not escape, but would need to redefine.

“We Travel Not To Escape Life, But For Life Not To Escape Us” – Anonymous

Therefore, my view on traveling is no longer a means of escape. I spent days dreaming of a trip to Australia, watched countless YouTube videos of driving in Sydney and even called the Australian Embassy to make inquiries about Holiday Visas. I realized that travelling was not just an idea I want to have, but a life I want to start living.

Upside Down

Down Under – Google Images

Now that I have this ‘travel fever’ I need to find medication to soothe the symptoms. Since I have changed my perspective on travelling, I am craving it more than ever. I want to go on an adventure, I want to live in different countries and experience their culture. In addition, to try unique cuisine and broaden my perspective is as equally tempting. Furthermore, I love a constant change in scenery.

no borders

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I wish the world had no borders, because it would allow more people to migrate to the part of the world they fall in love with. At this present time over 244 million people are international migrants. However, that number only makes up 3.3% of the total world population. With that number, I can only imagine the millions of people who desire to dwell in another country that is foreign to their own. Sometimes it is not a matter of disliking our own home country, but feeling more at home in another.


City of Boston

At this moment I am not living my free to travel anywhere, at anytime lifestyle. However, I have been granted the ability to travel to Boston, MA in the coming week. The purpose of my trip will be to celebrate a friend’s wedding, but it will also allow me to venture the city a bit and see something different for a change. I can not wait to try the local food and enjoy the city vibe.

Firstly, I would like to share my gratitude to God, because I was granted the opportunity to explore this world I believe he created. And in faith I have an extended trail on this life, so that I can plunge into an adventurous lifestyle. Secondly, I would like to thank my parents for providing a way to view tidbits of the world. Through parental funding, American and Canadian stamps have found homes within my passport. Thirdly, I want to share my gratitude toward the friends I have made along the journey. With their help I was able to travel to multiple cities and towns on long road trips.

Hopefully, next year I can travel somewhere different. Perhaps fly to Brazil and see some friends I made earlier in the year. Or maybe I could be blessed enough to finally travel to Australia, spend some time with an old co-worker there and get to see the country of my dreams. Then again, Europe is also a tempting idea. I would love to visit France and practice my French and finally get that much closer to being bilingual.

You were awesome, Thanks for reading


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6 thoughts on “Travelling Fever

  1. Maybe you should ad advertising opportunities on your blog to assist in raising funds for your desired trips! I can’t wait to see you explore new places. I will watch vicariously! 😊

    Your mother ❤️


  2. This was a great read, Pedro. I really like your imagery and the way that you described the places you’ve been to. It took my mind to the places I have seen, and the ones I have yet to see, and it really got my heart pumping just thinking about how awesome it is to go somewhere new and experience how the people there live and discover what they eat and see how they are different. So make sure you invite me on some of those trips 😉. And I hope you enjoy your time in Boston!


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