Spending time in New England

I spent the past week in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. From the time I landed, a visible smile was sketched onto my face. The drive through Londonderry’s town roads, to touring Boston inside a car, then taking the Green Line, I absolutely enjoyed everything.

It was beautifully breath taking, viewing the mountains from afar. The tree lines fascinated me as if viewing nature for the first time. The apple farms made my mind wonder to days of the past, as I heard stories of their vastness. Apparently, the town of Londonderry had more apple trees than anything else forty or so years ago.

I was granted the chance to see various apple farms owned by different families. Such as the Woodmont Apple Orchard, Sunny Crest which is owned by two families, the Hicks’ and Connor’s, and Mack’s Apples. I even had the opportunity to drive on the back roads of Elwood Apple Orchard (not sure if that’s a thing everyone can do) and gaze at the mountains that were perfectly placed further away.

In addition, spending time in Boston was as equally jaw dropping. The skyscrapers, the beautiful underwater tunnel, and taking the Green Line feed me with excitement. I even had the opportunity to dine at FiRE + iCE. It was amazing, being able to select what I wanted and have it prepared in front of me. I made the most amazing calamari, bacon, and cheese burger. Did I forget to mention, it is an all you can eat buffet for only around $15. I recommend visiting this establishment if your in the city and on a budget.

Boston is definitely one of the few cities I could envision myself living long-term, if it were possible for me to get up and move without the hassle of visa applications.

I got to spend plenty of time with friends, and their families. Meet new people and engage in wonderful conversations with people I haven’t seen in nearly a year. I got to see my good friend get married and celebrate with him the joy of his new chapter.

Sadly, I spent much of the time in an automobile, and did not have enough time to go adventure the mountains that only seemed an arms reach away. However, I made the best of it and wanted to share with you what I saw through the window of a car.

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