We Made Eye Contact

Instantly my eyes caught the beauty of a young lady sitting a table away from me. The lovely aroma of the roasted coffee beans whiffed into my nostrils. I sat there watching parents distract their children with iPads, and observed folks dressed in suits pounding relentlessly into their keyboards, as they quietly sipped their tea.

Then, I swiveled my head looking to steal another glance of the young lady. She sat their in-tune with her studies, however, she paused her attention to her college sized text-book and looked up, our eyes finally met.

Immediately feelings of nervousness struck my stomach. What should I do? Should I go speak to her, but I have no idea who she was. I returned my attention to my coffee to slowly savor the taste, and advert my eyes back to my book. However, thousands of thoughts hijacked my mind into an unending distraction.

We made eye contact. She must have admired something about me, was it the way I looked at her, were my eyes charming? “Maybe I should go over to her and start a conversation”, I said to myself so faintly even the crickets could be heard chirping.

With a lingering gaze, I scanned the room, hoping to grab her attention once more. However, she was studying intensely, focused on more important things than talking to a complete stranger. I sat there trying to re-focus my own mindset. I came here to enjoy coffee, the atmosphere only coffee shops seem to emit and read a great book. Therefore, I needed an unclouded conscious, so that I could return to the things that matter.

Then, she got up casting her eyes into mine, surprisingly seeming eager to ask me a question. Maybe I was awkwardly staring at her, she may think I am a creep, or she might break the ice in this awkward exchange that I was too afraid to do.

She simply asked “are you here for a while, can you keep an eye on my things?”

“Sure, no problem.” was all that I could muster up to respond, but not what was on my mind.

I wanted to speak with her, tell her that her beauty captivated my attention. I wanted to know what she was studying, which university she was attending. Maybe I could find out her name or start a conversation that may spark something more.

Contemplating in my mind the next move I can make. Only then I noticed my distraction and my lack of attention to my own task at hand. With a more intentional focus, I returned to my tranquil reading session in the atmospheric filled coffee shop.

Within minutes the young lady who would ask me to watch her things, returned. All she said was “thank you,” and my mind was racing. My heart started pounding and the butterflies swarmed my chest. It’s weird cause I did not think adults caught butterflies anymore.

She must have found interest in me, why else would she just let me watch her things that are valuable to her, she had no idea who I was. I was now more compelled than ever to speak with her. Wanting to know where her sudden trust in me came from. Maybe this is one of those times a girl would signal a guy to take a hint, their signal of interest. Okay, maybe not a signal of interest, but the idea is the same.

After spending a couple hours haphazardly reading, fully sipping my coffee, swiveling my head back and forth in hopes to glimpse her eyes, I decided it was time to pack up.

I glanced over as she glanced at me, an exchange I will remember only for a short moment. Then, I packed up my valuables. I placed my bag on my back and said, “have a good day.” The coolest line I possessed at the time, because I was drowning in a pool of nervousness.

“You as well, she said”. As she said those words, the nervousness left.

If only I had not left, I would have had a full blown conversation with her. However, she was studying. I decided to glance one more time to be mesmerized by her beauty, as she glanced back with a smile.

We made eye contact. I fell in love for a brief moment, captivated by her beauty. I over thought the whole exchange, the current dilemma of over-thinkers, am I right? In the end, we both made eye contact, our first and last brief exchange on this green planet we call Earth.

This is Spotivity

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