She Stole His Anxiety

Couple Holding Hands

The snowflakes hit the ground with a tender kiss, as if to affirm with the earth that their love story was meant to be. The islander looked at the powdery sky with awe, the sight breathtaking. A symbiotic harmony between sky, earth and man.

This was the islander’s first time living away from home in a foreign country. He suffered from the disease of overthinking and assuming the worst out of situations before he saw the best. Well, if it was a disease, it would be what he suffered from. This disease would be called “brain bubbles”, like blowing bubbles and a million float away in the sky.

The islander, just arrived to his new home, his college dorm room. On his shopping list was light snacks and shoes for the snow. He thought to himself, “maybe I should head to the mall to get some things, to help me survive before it is too late”. Plus, it may be a great way to make a friend and not be trapped in loneliness. Right?

The islander put on his impeccable island made shirt, black skinny jeans, gray vans and threw on his winter coat. He then looked in the mirror to affirm his good looks. Once he had approved his appearance it was time to make his way to the bus station.

Getting to the bus station was not tremendously difficult. Within eight minutes, a few right turns, one left turn, a question asked and a few steps followed he was there. What was difficult was knowing which bus would take him to the mall, or the unhealthy and irrational fear of being lost forever. A very real fear to be familiar with when facing the unknown. Right?

Oh, I forgot to mention the islander is also incredibly shy. As he suffers from “brain bubbles” a chronic and terrible disease.

If you want to know the amount of strength a shy person requires to ask a complete stranger which bus will take him to a specific location, you are in the right place. It felt as though the world was slowly crushing his shoulders like he may be the Titan Atlas himself. His breathing went irregular and his heart pounded ferociously inside his chest. He counted to ten, or counted ten sheep to slow his breathing down and remain calm.

“Excuse me, which bus do I take to get to the mall?” He said with unexpected confidence, surprisingly strength comes when fear of getting lost is a reality. Most of us can relate to this for sure, right?

“Just take the fourteen, the mall is at the last bus station on the route, so you would not miss it”, the stranger said in a gentle voice as if they had been acquitted for more than a mere three minutes waiting in the cold.

Shortly after, the bus swung around the corner quite literally, as if it was fused with some kind slinky (a 90’s kid toy) that made the bus bend at a 90 degree angle. Then, an unreal amount of nervousness caught the breath the snow took from him. That’s scary, rig…?

“What if I get lost?” It was all he could say to himself, right before the bus came to a gentle stop in front of the bus stop sign.

As he climbed onto the bus, he paid his toll. However, a sense of dread consumed him, he did not know where to sit. The bus was elongated and seat availability was scarce. There appeared to only be single seats available. Essentially looking for the stranger he felt most comfortable with was a priority. His upmost goal was to ensure he calculated every decision, as he could be meticulous from time to time. You never truly know the dangers lurking at midday on public transit in the city.

As he felt the pressure driven from the bus driver drifting towards him like a silent mad man, finding a seat was an urgent matter. With an invisible mutual agreement, he moved and with quick succession he scanned the bus, looking for his brief destination in any available seat. That’s when he saw her. A beautiful, elegantly dressed mature woman. She must of only been about 70 years old, but surely she could pass for 50. This kid is weird. Right?

But let us try to transition this well. \Action\ He looked into her eyes.

Wisdom spewed from her eyes, maturity was her natural essence, and next to her he knew he found his seat.

As he sat down he now realized that the dual seats had another set seats rotated towards them. There in front of them sat a gorgeous young lady, however, he paid her little attention. It’s not like he could possibly talk to her, he had no per-say game or any swag. After all, he came on the bus to get from point A to point M (a.k.a. the mall), not to flirt. He needed a distraction.

Sadly, the older lady was sitting in the window seat. As he sat on the aisle, his least favorite seat, he craned his neck to view the outside world. In awe of all the buildings and the trees coated in white frosting. Then it hit him, how will he truly know when he has arrived to the mall? He figured asking another local would help starve his doubts, as the person at the bus stop had already instructed him where to disembark. He silently sat for a few moments, mustering up the confidence to ask the mature lady if she was headed to the mall or would be passing the stop.

“No darling, I am nearing my stop” she said before she decided to become my wing-man in one swift motion. “You should ask this pretty young lady”. She was onto something, right? (okay this is the last right, because you may start going left)

The young girl looked up and her eyes met his. Her beauty ravished him in the short intense moment that they locked eyes. Her brunette hair flowed to her shoulders, as she wore an old-fashion overall tainted in navy blue. Her stripe shirt and brown boots complimented her outstanding and rather captivating retro appearance. However, it was her simplistic and innocent smile that truly completed her entire attire and made him forget his brain bubbles and anxiety.

“Are you getting off at the mall bus stop”, he asked in a surprising calm and with confidence tone.

“Yes, I am actually going there to pick up a few things”, She said in an immediate and eager reply. “Where are you from?”

“From the Caribbean”, letting his dialect spill a little to prove his foreign identity. “Are you attending college in the city as well?”

“Yes, I am! Just attending an art school, going to pick-up a few art supplies and a bite to eat.”

They spoke for what felt like hours, however, the bus ride was sadly much shorter than that. They talked about everything you could say on a fifteen minute bus ride, becoming acquainted rather quickly. She shared interesting things about herself, like the fact her mobile device was ten years outdated and could not connect to the internet. Surprisingly, she also carried a water proof camera around.

Once they started getting deep into the conversation, the bus gradually rolled to a stop. “This is our destination”, she said with a glimmer in her eyes. They both hopped off the bus and stopped to look at each other in admiration. Then, she took two steps back and aimed her camera in a quick and graceful motion. He begun to strike a pose until he wisely reminded himself that he was not photogenic and instead allowed a smile to adorn his face.

With that they both walked towards the mall together.

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