“Are You Ever Coming Back?”

Dark blue skies with a trail of faintly white scattered clouds. Trees are on the edge of both ends of the image.

The question she asked bared the weight of the world on my shoulder

My thighs strained to rise with the overwhelming pressure of this emotional boulder

My mind strayed into a trance

My heart started to dance

A question that provoked my mind to work in overdrive until it smoldered

This question infested my soul, devouring my subconscious mind

My anxiety took the form of a cobra, intertwining my soul crushing my spine

The cat had caught my tongue

My heart was all wrung and strung

Now the dreaded question seeped through my inner mind as I resigned

Will I ever return to the country I fell in love with so deeply?

Can this country bring me the joy I desperately need to live freely?

Canada the home of my dreams

Oh how I desire to let out screams

As I envision with high hopes my fateful return to the point it feels surreal

This is Spotivity

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