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A man in a junkanoo costume shaking cowbells

Have you ever wanted the perfect photo? You considered using your iPhone or Samsung, but you realize your editing skills are limited? Or maybe you want a photo that your marketing team can use in a well developed ad. Well look no further, the Nïrvana Collective will grant all your wishes true. And nothing is better than their elite Canon camera and passionate photographer Adrian.

The Nïrvana Collective is a photography and videography brand that possesses a refined touch for the spontaneous, candid and unfiltered shots. With their passion for photography, in search for an individual’s nirvana and the perfect eye for that quality shot, booking them would be the best decision for you.

This article includes quotes and statements provided by the co-owners of the Nïrvana Collective. We warmly introduce to you, Adrian Whylly and Qui’Shawn Parker. If you ever have the pleasure of speaking with them as I have, you will find them to be down to earth and inspiring young individuals.

What Is The Nïrvana Collective:

“If you can create the feeling, you can obtain it.”

– By Qui’Shawn

When you think of the word nirvana, you may think of the Buddhist terminology behind it. Which is a transcendent state that surpasses suffering and desire, it is the final goal to achieve perfect happiness. They also originated their name from the lyrics of Frank Ocean’s “Nights,”
‘wanna see nirvana, but don’t want to die yet.’

In Buddhism nirvana is the final goal. That is why the lyrics resonate so powerfully with them; they want to obtain their nirvana while they are still young, free and alive to exercise their creative abilities.

The brand’s name is rich in meaning; this is transparent by an additional connotation provided by Adrian in his statement. “It’s a collective of like-minded individuals to create their nirvana. The feeling of being with others to reach a state of Nirvana collectively.”

In 2015 the Nïrvana Collective was established, after the two business partners found themselves unemployed for several months.

“I kept trying everything” stated Adrian as he ventured into a few creative ideas such as vlogging.

Coincidentally, Qui’Shawn started using penny boards and fashioned it into hobby. He started following a vlogger by the name of Ben Brown who used penny boards in a few of his videos.

Adrian also viewed his material as he was interested in his vlogging work. Like fate had it predestined; Adrian ran into the famous YouTube vlogger on the streets of Toronto, Canada after a night out with friends. It is a moment he greatly cherished. It is one of the reasons he jumped into vlogging which lead to his passion in photography.

What Project Did You Enjoy Most?

Adrian takes great pride in his candid shots where he can display his refined skills in obtaining the perfect shot. “I enjoy the spontaneous, unfiltered, candid shoots, capturing the right moment. My favorite shoot was from this New Year’s Eve junkanoo party, catching Willis shake those cowbells is one of my favorites.”

He humbly shared with me that he is overly critical of his own work. Therefore, when he holds his breath, poises his camera and snaps the shot; he is able to draw out the nirvana and his work glistens. Then, like an unspoken agreement, his audience swarms him in private messages seeking to procure a shoot for a chance to capture their Nïrvana.

In addition, Adrian is very fond of his aerial shots of the different Cays and harbours surrounding the Abacos’. You can immediately recognize this with a quick scroll through Nïrvana’s online portfolio. Within this blog are some of his hand-picked favorites, he wanted to share with all of you.

Photo provided by The Nïrvana Collective

“I enjoy the spontaneous, unfiltered, candid shoots, capturing the right moment. My favorite shoot was from this year’s New Year’s Eve junkanoo party, catching Willis shake those cowbells is one of my favorites.”

Although Adrian shared with us his current favorite projects; it is transparent that he has tremendous pride in each unique project he does, as he explained them to me with an acute passion grounded in his voice. 

Another One of Adrian’s Favorite Shots

Are you happy with the Nïrvana Collective?

“People go wrong by trying to replicate rather than create, they rather create an illusion rather than live it themselves. We want to capture their Nïrvana, how they feel in the moment.”

“It’s not about Nïrvana, but the individual. Must focus on the individual, my flaws and where I want to be. It’s all about progression. I can’t be happy or content. It is about progress and maintaining the hunger. Maintain the hunger.”

Qui’Shawn’s simply states that it is easy to be disappointed or happy with one’s own work. However, it is more difficult to keep that burning passion alive when you begin to allow emotions to override your state of mind. It produces contentment, which in turn destroys the desire for consistent growth. Maintain the hunger.

How did you handle adversity and doubt?

            “The man who knows how will always have a job. The man who knows why will always be his boss.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Knowing who I am within myself. I create pieces that I like. Adversity is not a factor for me because I create what I am passionate about; if they like what I produce, then they will enjoy it. If they do not like what I produce, then they will not enjoy it.” – Adrian

Adrian says that he focuses on self-realization, staying true to himself, not following the crowd, but being an individual. “We are all spiritual beings living a human experience… Sometimes my logical and technical side gets in the way of my artistic and creative side.”

He shared with me that he gains inspiration from Gary Vee, a motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur. Gary Vee is known for his explicit, and blunt podcasts where he encourages his audience to not settle and keep pushing. Adrian resonates with these traits as he prefers to express himself in his own unique way where he enjoys providing advice and being blunt with his peers.

“Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.”

By Wayne Dyer

Qui’Shawn coined in that “It’s all about being present”. He gained inspiration when reading the poem Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow which encourages its readers to focus on Today.

“Adversity builds character, we go through things to know how to deal with them in the future. I feel as though adversity brings you to self-realization and self-analysis.”

“To make no mistakes is not in the power of man; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future.”

– Plutarch, ancient Greek Historian and Essayist

Furthermore, he stated that when we think of ‘how’ that it creates a possible solution. When there is no problem there is no solution, no creation of idea or art. To destroy is to create, a line he frequently uses.

Without failure you will not have success. It will take multiple experiences to come to a conclusion. “I might be afraid to jump off of a cliff, but it may be the best feeling I ever have”. Granted he is jumping from a cliff into water.

Maybe Qui’Shawn Will Dive Into This Water. The Dock Can Act As A Cliff.

What is your Why?

Adrian stated “To provide for my family, eat good food, because food is an experience. And to give back to the community. You must stand for something or fall for anything. It is all about your personal experiences, what you went through and how you come out of them.”

They desire to capture the nirvana, to capture the spontaneous and the candid. They want to focus on others experiences. Captivating their audiences with the beauty of the Bahama land blue seas.

To show support for this amazing brand, click the link to The Nïrvana Collective, to view their website. Only then can you truly experience what they have to offer.

The purpose of this interview is to introduce these local talents to the community of Abaco and the Bahamas. If you know anyone who needs a photographer, you now know a dynamic team you can recommend to save the day! They are superheroes equipped with a Canon.

Welcome to Spotivity

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