Your Timeline Matters


“They are getting married already. I thought they just started dating?”

“Congrats on the third promotion, you are destined for greatness.”

“Wow, he got his bachelors and led the valedictorian speech.”

“You bought a house in your 20’s, that is a phenomenal milestone!”

When you have intelligent, mature and self-driven friends like I do, you tend to use phrases like these quite often. With every Facebook scroll, like and comment, you tend to realize that your life doesn’t compare to theirs.

Especially if you are someone like me. Single, bouncing from place to place and still searching for that career path that would satisfy me 265 days out of the year.

You ought to focus on your own timeline. Spend your time finding what works for you, what you enjoy doing. When you live according to your own timeline, you will notice results and acknowledge your own achievements as they come.

Let us say that you suddenly become a data analyst. When you compare the timelines of two different individuals you will discover an anomaly. Those individuals will experience their high’s and low’s at different times on the line graph. The key performance indicators will never be the same, the results will always be different.

Everyone appears to be going at 100 miles per hour, while you are cruising 35 in a 45-mph zone.

By Pedro Maycock

When you start playing the game of comparison it becomes unhealthy. Suddenly your mind becomes stagnant, self-defeated, and now you cannot measure your own success. Everyone appears to be going at 100 miles per hour, while you are cruising 35 in a 45-mph zone.

When I went to Canada, a pastor decided to help me build a timeline. It was to determine how many hours in one week I spent productively. What time frame did I dedicate to God and how much I wasted due to distractions. When you get into the habit of watching everyone’s Snapchat videos, insta posts or Facebook updates; the time consumed is greater than the time invested in being productive.

Mind your own business, stay in your lane, define your success. At the end of the day, focus on keeping yourself motivated and gleeful. Not in the selfish definition of putting yourself first and screw everyone else; ensure you are mentally healthy to pursue the goals you have set.

I have very little knowledge of the requirements needed to become a Formula 1 race car driver. Drivers like Lewis Hamilton have probably invested thousands of hours to perfect their craft.

However, how they drive not only speaks volumes, but can put in perspective how you ought to refine your timeline. When they drive, they only focus on the road and their control of the wheel. If they lose focus by staring at the car in front of them or turning their wheel too sharply, they undeniable put their life at risk. In addition, they jeopardize their chances of completing a race they tediously prepared for.

I encourage you to create a timeline if you have not done so before. Find out what consumes most of your time throughout the week and work on it. Do not stare at John Smith’s timeline. Clear your mindset and focus on moving forward.

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