Finding the Right Study Spot

I am a peculiar person. Even though a home can be quiet enough to write or study in, the atmosphere simply prohibits me from getting in the zone. The eerie quietness, the plush lofty bed, the tempting television that beckons with an unresistant calling to binge watch Netflix. It has become clear, home is not a study spot that fits my needs.

“You do not need to study in a coffee shop all the time.”

“Do you know how much money you are spending in these coffee shops?”

Why when presented with other options, I still insist to venture into the local coffee shops to become my study spot? Well, no one ever asked me the basis to my madness; since I am attempting to continually practice writing why not dive into the unasked topic.

A long, long time ago I was a fledgling (freshmen with a twist) in University. Learning has always been a difficulty of mines, however, no one knows that. Whereas, a person can attend class, focus to what the professor has to teach and retain that information. I struggle to remember what was said two minutes prior, my mind is always racing into the forgotten distance.

Until recently, I did not even know I could pause my mind. To take a break from thinking, overthinking and just stressing out in general. Therefore, it was difficult for me to gain information and store it. What made matters worse was when I had to study, but became easily distracted in the wrong environment.

When I lived in dorms in my freshmen year, I watched hours of Netflix in the dormitory lounge. Then I got an apartment, where I also watched Netflix, napped, or just stared outside the window people watching.

I knew my behavior was toxic, additionally my chronic procrastination did not help. Therefore, I had to find a resolution. Disappointingly enough I discovered it a tad too late, but just in time to prevent myself from spiraling into a never ending mental grave.

Que the music -We are the champions!- by Queen

Coffeeeeeeeeeee! TEA! Coffee Shops!!!

I found the cure, oh the blessed cure. Sadly, the cure came before I could continually raise my grades to complete satisfaction. My efforts struck down to what many would see as a defeat, but what I saw as a glimmer of hope.

My grades did not meet scholarship standards, I was able to receive a few bursaries which provided some assistance in my financial dilemma. However, without a scholarship I would have to leave University without the satisfaction of receiving a bachelors degree.

During my time abroad, I adventured to dozens of coffee shops to find the study spot that was right for me. One of those was Dilly Dally a local coffee shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The chai tea latte infused with a shot of espresso kept me going for hours. No need for sugar.

Adventuring to these coffee shops helped me to grow consistent in my studying. In addition, it inspired me to get into blogging, with a few of my blogs being written and inspired by coffee shops.

The aromatic coffee beans gracing my nostrils, the inaudible chatter between other patrons and sweet coffee shop jazz were all I needed. It allowed me to enter a state of perfect zen, 80% productivity and 20% distraction.

Not only does studying in a coffee shop help me to focus, it allows me to to be innovative. It can be expensive when you go as often as I do, that is why I developed a strategy of one drink per visit. Not only does it help me to hold onto my money, but I still get to patronize them after I gratefully use their free WiFi. It can be ineffective if the coffee shop has a tantalizing selection of goodies.

If I am out of university, why do I still visit coffee shops?

When I left university without a degree I felt slightly defeated. However, in life there are two options. Option one is to remain defeated and hang your head low due to failure. Option two is brush the dust off your knees, stand up tall and find a way to push forward.

Let your mind go and let yourself be free

Lyrics played in the coffee shop I wrote this blog in, the song is by H.E.R “Think”

In order for me to stand up I had to transform the way I thought about my past and what I desire to see in my future. For example, learning is not restricted to university. Online marketplaces like Udemy allows me to study marketing, business analytics and other courses that can help me professionally.

I now practice lifelong learning. Which is a voluntary pursuit of knowledge, which I seek to improve for personal reasons. In addition, it helps me along my self-development journey. With the positive affects studying in a coffee shops provides me, I now depend on them like a coffee addict needs their coffee.

Without a curriculum, classroom structure, or building towards a goal such as receiving a degree; learning on online platforms can be prove to be more challenging when your consistency is being tested.

Therefore, arriving to a local coffee shop, ordering a hot chocolate mocha and blissfully listening to the selection of music takes me to my zone. My mind is adjusted to push my limits to accomplish what I have set out to achieve for that specific session. Like writing this spontaneous blog while I sit in a coffee shop with my now cold hot chocolate mocha.

Thank you all for reading this blog, this was more of an open journal, expressing my love of coffee shops and why I visit them to study. If you enjoyed it, please leave a like and follow this amazing blog as we will be posting amazing blogs this year and for years to come.

Welcome to Spotivity

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