My Sleep Paralysis Nightmare – Micro-fiction 150 word count

It was the same nightmare again. My breath became haggard, my sight blurred, but the silhouette remained grotesquely terrifying.

Its ferocious eyes pierced my soul, my legs began to wobble as the beast pounced towards my defenseless body.

Drowning in immense fear, I staggered backward. Falling onto my back, I swiveled my head to locate the shadowy figure that pursued me. Suddenly, I gasped for air as the beast weighed its hideous claws into my chest. I heaved.

My body left unmarked, but my spirit felt each soul-tearing claw. My conscience fervently prayed. “LORD, please save me!” I willed myself to scream, failing to grumble under gritted teeth.

The beast hoped that I would not overcome my fear of it, to not pray to God to be rescued. It lusted to devour me wholly. With nothing left to lose, I glared into the beast’s eyes with a renowned defiant spirit.

Outro: Background

I have been suffering from sleep paralysis since 2014. These typically only occur when I attempt to nap or oversleep in the morning. During the night, I would play a wide array of melodic tones, from gospel to jazz, rainstorms to a foreign song. Preventing me from falling victim to sleep paralysis.

I decided to share a few on my blog to simply create compelling stories. Also, these pieces are only slightly exaggerated. Sleep paralysis is no walk in the park.

I hope you all enjoy. Please like, share, and follow my blog. Leave a comment if you truly enjoyed this piece, and let me know if I should make more!

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