Sleep Paralysis Horror – Micro-fiction 150 word count

My body remained dormant as my mind awoke frantically. Immediately, I realized that I had no control of myself. My soul was imprisoned in mundane chambers.

Panic coursed through my veins and my heart began to beat erratically. It’s here again, sleep paralysis. Albeit I was more prepared, as sleep paralysis became a natural occurrence over the years.

Yet, a daunting uncomfortable mood settled in the room. I no longer felt alone. I scanned the room through my peripheral vision, nothing seemed bizarre.

“If I refuse to feed the fear…” suddenly my thoughts to encourage myself trailed off, as immense dread slowly crept into my spirit.

As my body continued to lay bonded by invisible chains, I scanned my surroundings again.

Through the corner of my eye, I saw something so terrifyingly unbelievable my eyes refused to blink.

A little girl in a fiery red dress pranced around my bedside.


What is sleep paralysis?

The definition of sleep paralysis states, the mind being conscious but the inability to move. Each individuals’ experience is different. Some persons can open their eyes and view their surroundings, while others cannot.

As terrifying as sleep paralysis may sound, it is scientifically proven to be harmless. To my benefit, it is not linked to any major health issues.

Due to experiencing countless episodes over the past few years, I am unfazed by nearly all of them. However, I will eventually share one of my more recent episodes that had me hesitate to close my eyes again.

You can read an article by the National Sleep Foundation, which offers a quick insight into the conditions of sleep paralysis.

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