My Doubtful Faith

My mere ideals were contrary to my faith

The bible teaches us to be men of faith

Yet, my heart could not grasp that fate

I was divided by my burdensome weight

God, can you set me free from my own enemy?

My heart yearned for the generosity of thine grace

The peace that is granted for running the holy race

Yet, my heart was discontented with your ‘false love’

I was often disgruntled with you sitting idly above

God, can you comfort my soul that questions your sovereignty?

Doubts swarmed my mind like a bottomless lake

I feared Matthew 7:21 for my soul’s sake

Will you destroy this lukewarm believer in hate

Severing our patched-up relationship and have me abate

God, can you give me more understanding?

My soul yearns to serve you in holy righteousness

Yet, my body gives into unholy temptation in utter darkness

Will, I ever overcome these shadowy demons

I need your light to shine through me like enlightened beacons

God, can you help me to find comfort in my imperfections?

I was told that my belief in Christ would set me free from captivity

However, my Bluetooth filled mind tends to lose its connectivity

It is difficult to believe in the trinity when I only see in 2D

But God your evidence lives through this world’s natural beauty

God, can you help me in believing?

Even on my doubt-filled days, I desired your presence

Please draw near to me and establish your spiritual essence

Warm my cold heart with your gentle soothing touch

Encompass my spirit with your faith bonding clutch

God, can I ever be made perfect?

Even though I may doubt your existence

Spare my naive mind and lead me to believe in your omnipresence

Allow me to dwell in your tender loving mercy

Give me the faith I need to seek you daily

God, increase my faith so that it won’t ever waver so frailly.


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