Finding the Right Study Spot

I am a peculiar person. Even though a home can be quiet enough to write or study in, the atmosphere simply prohibits me from getting in the zone. The eerie quietness, the plush lofty bed, the tempting television that beckons with an unresistant calling to binge watch Netflix. It has become clear, home is not a study spot that fits my needs.

3 Ways You Can Safely Navigate the News in 2020

There has been a plethora of negative news since the beginning of 2020. From natural disasters, public shootings, to kidnapped children, and even escalating tension between two nations. Most news headlines focus on eliciting emotions to gain attention (clicks) from its audience; for example, anxiety, sadness, and other emotional responses. With an increasing prominence of … Continue reading 3 Ways You Can Safely Navigate the News in 2020